Pumpkin seeds from parasites (worms): reviews, rules of admission

Pumpkin seeds from parasites (worms): reviews, rules of admission

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Traditional medicine recommends taking pumpkin seeds from worms. Recipes claim that the natural remedy has a strong but mild effect and removes parasites from the intestines without harming the microflora. To understand whether this is really so, you need to carefully examine the pumpkin seeds.

Do pumpkin seeds help worms

Pumpkin seeds are indeed a good anti-parasite remedy. Due to their unique composition, in case of helminthic invasions, they have no worse effect than medicines, but they do not harm health.

The valuable properties of seeds have been known for many centuries. For the first time, seeds began to be used to cleanse the intestines from parasites back in the Ancient East, in the first centuries of our era. The seeds were actively used by Chinese folk healers, they were the first to realize that the green shell covering the seeds under the skin contains a strong anthelmintic substance. And, despite the fact that today there are dozens of artificial cleansers, pumpkin seeds do not lose their popularity, their properties remain as effective.

How are pumpkin seeds useful for parasites

Pumpkin seeds contain many nutrients. However, the main role in getting rid of parasites is played by the substance cucurbitin, which is contained in a thin olive-green shell that covers the seeds under the hard skin.

  • It is cucurbitin that has the main anthelmintic effect - this amino acid is toxic to some types of parasites, and is completely safe for humans. Therefore, when using pumpkin seeds, the worms quickly weaken and cease to be retained on the intestinal walls, and a person, under the influence of a natural medicine, does not feel a deterioration in well-being.
  • Fiber in pumpkin seeds also plays an important role in cleansing the intestines from parasites. It enhances intestinal peristalsis, and, thanks to this, toxins, parasites and toxic traces of their vital activity are removed from the body, and not left to decompose inside the intestine.
  • Vitamins and microelements in the composition of pumpkin seeds bring benefits in getting rid of worms. Potassium and iron, phosphorus and magnesium, vitamins B and E are quickly absorbed by tissues and are carried throughout the body along with the blood. This helps to strengthen the immune system, weakened against the background of the vital activity of parasites, and to restore the microflora in the intestine.

Unlike pharmacological agents, pumpkin seeds do not just cleanse the body of worms. They have a complex effect and therefore improve overall well-being.

The effects of cucurbitin on parasites

The amino acid cucurbitin, which is present in green seed skins, deserves a closer look. It affects parasites in an unusual way - the natural toxin does not kill worms, but only has a temporary paralyzing effect.

Against the background of the use of pumpkin seeds, the parasites stop not only multiplying and moving, they cannot firmly hold on to the intestinal walls. Therefore, when cleaning the body, the worms are excreted without a trace along with the rest of the slags - cucurbitin deprives them of the opportunity to instinctive resistance.

What parasites are pumpkin seeds cleaned from?

The substance cucurbitin helps to get rid of most existing intestinal parasites. You can use pumpkin seeds for medicinal purposes when infected:

  • nematodes, or roundworms - roundworms, trichinella, pinworms, whipworms;
  • cestodes, or tape parasites - tapeworms, bovine and pork tapeworms;
  • trematodes, or flukes - lamblia, liver flukes, Siberian fluke.

Important! Intestinal and gastric parasites, which worsen a person's well-being, can have very different sizes - from a few millimeters to a couple of meters. But pumpkin seeds from lamblia, roundworm and tapeworms help to cope with worms of any length and equally effectively remove young and adult parasites.

How to treat parasites with pumpkin seeds

Traditional medicine offers quite a few options for cleansing pumpkin seeds from parasites. These options may differ in nuances, but the general treatment regimen remains unchanged.

  • Before the start of cleansing with pumpkin seeds for the body, preparation is carried out, if you neglect it, it is possible that a deterioration in health or a decrease in the valuable effect is possible.
  • Seeds are taken raw or slightly dried in the oven, and this should be done on an empty stomach, mainly in the morning. The main attention should be paid to the green film covering the seeds, it is in it that the most anthelmintic substance cucurbitin is present.
  • The daily dosage of useful pumpkin seeds is determined individually, but on average for an adult it is no more than 300 g.

The beneficial effect of the use of pumpkin seeds usually occurs already on the 2nd day of treatment. But to achieve maximum results, pumpkin seeds are usually consumed for 10 days in a row, and if this does not bring the full effect, the course is repeated after a week break.

Advice! Taking pumpkin seeds must be combined with a therapeutic diet and the use of laxative products. Only then will the parasites, weakened by the action of cucurbitin, leave the body along with toxins.

Preparing the body for cleaning

In order for pumpkin seeds to bring maximum benefit, the intestines must be cleaned of the bulk of toxins before using them. They do it as follows:

  • 3 days before the start of the use of seeds, in the morning they begin to do small enemas with warm water;
  • a day before starting to cleanse the body, take a mild and natural laxative in composition.

When pumpkin seeds enter a pre-cleansed intestine, they can more fully reveal their beneficial properties and have a targeted effect on parasites.

At what age can pumpkin seeds be given to children

One of the main advantages of pumpkin seeds for worms is that the natural remedy acts on the body very gently and gently. Therefore, pumpkin seeds can be given to a child - both for treatment and for the sake of prevention, in case there are suspicions of worms.

However, children can take pumpkin seeds for worms no earlier than 5 years. In infants, the intestines are sensitive, and the seeds can be harmful and cause colic or diarrhea.

Attention! Pumpkin seeds have some strict contraindications for consumption. Before cleaning the intestines for a child, it is necessary to consult with a pediatrician about the advisability of such treatment.

Recipes for cooking pumpkin seeds from worms

Reviews of pumpkin seeds from worms mention a variety of recipes based on healthy seeds. You can use a natural product in its pure form, washed down with water, but the benefits of pumpkin seeds will be less. For maximum effect, seeds are recommended to be combined with other anthelmintic products or mild laxatives.

A mixture of parasites made from seeds and honey gives a good result. They do it like this:

  • 300 g of seeds are peeled from the dense outer rind;
  • the raw materials are put into a coffee grinder or blender;
  • the seeds are crushed, and then a little water is added and brought to the consistency of gruel.

Add 1 large spoonful of honey to the resulting mixture and mix. They take pumpkin seeds with honey for worms in the morning on an empty stomach, and after another 3 hours they drink a mild laxative or make a small cleansing enema. The honey in this recipe not only improves the taste of the product, but also has an additional laxative effect.

Another popular recipe suggests mixing pumpkin seeds with garlic, which also has anthelmintic properties. Prepare the tool like this:

  • 200 g of pumpkin seeds together with the peel are ground in a blender;
  • grate 5 cloves of garlic and mix the gruel with chopped seeds;
  • the ingredients are poured over with 2 large tablespoons of liquid honey and mixed well.

Before use, the product must be kept in the refrigerator for 24 hours. After that, the mixture is taken on an empty stomach in the morning, 1 large spoonful. After 3 hours, you need to do a small enema or take a mild laxative.

An excellent effect is brought by pumpkin seeds in combination with castor oil. A feature of this recipe is that the intake of seeds does not even need to be combined with the use of laxative pharmaceutical preparations - a high-quality bowel cleansing will occur thanks to simple castor oil.

  • The main recipe suggests consuming pumpkin seeds throughout the day - you need to eat at least 100-150 g of the product per day. At night, you need to drink a spoonful of castor oil, in which case a strong laxative effect will come in the morning.
  • Another recipe option suggests grinding 100 g of pumpkin seeds and mixing them with a spoonful of castor oil to get a thick gruel. They also use the remedy at night to cleanse the intestines in the morning.

Important! Regardless of the time of taking pumpkin seeds, you should neither eat nor drink for 3 hours after eating them - eating or drinking food can reduce the beneficial effect of the seeds.

How to take pumpkin seeds for parasites

The algorithm for taking pumpkin seeds remains the same for any recipe. But for children, adults and older men and women, the dosage and duration of the course of treatment may differ, this must be taken into account when cleaning the body.

In addition, when using pumpkin seeds, both adults and children need to follow a specific diet.

  • During cleaning, it is not recommended to consume fatty foods, pasta and flour or baked goods, thanks to them, a favorable environment for the reproduction of parasites is created in the intestines.
  • It is also necessary to abandon root crops and cereals, which contain a lot of starch.

But during cleaning it is very useful to use products that promote the elimination of worms. Their list includes lemons and carrots, bananas and hot red peppers.

How to give pumpkin seeds to children

Treatment of worms in children is carried out in almost the same way as in adults - pumpkin seeds are mixed with honey, castor oil, garlic and other products and offered to the child in the morning on an empty stomach. However, there are a number of important nuances.

  • Children's dosages should be half that of adults, at the age of 5 a child can be given no more than 150 g of seeds per day, at 10 years the volume is increased to 200 g.
  • When using cleansing mixtures based on pumpkin seeds, you must first make sure that the baby is not allergic to any components, otherwise the treatment will only harm.

Pumpkin seeds for worms for children use the standard time - for 10 days. For the period of cleansing the body from the child's diet, it is necessary to remove not only flour and fatty foods, but also limit sweets to the maximum.

How to take pumpkin seeds for parasites for adults

Adults can take pumpkin seeds for worms in maximum dosages - up to 300 g per day. Taking medicinal mixtures is usually carried out in the morning, but in some situations, you can use seeds at night, for example, if you combine them with castor oil. In this case, immediately after awakening, the intestines will be emptied, and during the day you will no longer have to experience any inconveniences.

The course of cleansing the body is usually continued for about 10 days, if necessary, take a break for a week and repeat the procedure. During cleansing, adults need to especially carefully review their diet and exclude most of the carbohydrates from it - it is better to consume more fruits, berries and natural fermented milk products.

How to eat pumpkin seeds for worms during pregnancy

During the period of bearing a child, women are allowed to use anthelmintic from pumpkin seeds. But you should definitely take into account the features of your condition and adhere to safe recipes.

The following mixture is recommended for use during pregnancy:

  • a glass of unrefined seeds is poured with a glass of fresh milk;
  • the mixture is placed in a blender and properly grinded;
  • the drug is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.

Since even short fasting can harm a pregnant woman, you can use the medicinal mixture instead of tea at breakfast. 2 hours after taking the seeds with milk, you need to drink a small spoonful of castor oil and wait for the onset of the laxative effect. As for the diet, it is not necessary to strongly limit yourself in the diet of the expectant mother, but it is better to refuse flour and fatty dishes.

Important! It is recommended to use pumpkin seeds against worms for pregnant women for 10 days, but you need to carefully monitor your condition. If any uncomfortable sensations appear, the treatment should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted.

How to take pumpkin seeds against parasites in old age

Cleansing the intestines from worms in old age is carried out according to the standard scheme. But since the body of older people becomes more susceptible, the dosage can be slightly reduced and consume not 300 g of seeds per day, but about 200 g.

You need to take seeds on an empty stomach in the morning, after 2.5-3 hours you need to drink a mild laxative or make an enema. During treatment, you need to adhere to a healthy diet and consume mainly vegetables, dairy products and fruits. Seed-based natural remedies can help older people not only eliminate parasites, but generally improve motility and normalize stool.

Limitations and contraindications

In most cases, pumpkin seeds from worms bring the same benefits as pharmaceuticals, but do not give side effects. However, in some situations, the use of seeds will have to be abandoned. Contraindications for seeds are:

  • a tendency to diarrhea;
  • problems with the gallbladder and biliary tract;
  • chronic kidney disease;
  • allergy to pumpkin and its components.

When using seeds for cleansing, it is strictly forbidden to exceed safe dosages - this can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, tachycardia and painful urination.


Both adults and young children can take pumpkin seeds from worms - provided that there are no strict contraindications. However, when cleansing the body, you need to follow proven recipes exactly and not exceed safe dosages.

Reviews on the use of pumpkin seeds from parasites

Petrova Irina Vladimirovna, 36 years old, Moscow

I caught the parasites quite unexpectedly, after I brought a cat from the street and did not immediately take it to the veterinarian. Since I have a rather sensitive intestine, instead of pharmaceutical preparations I decided to try pumpkin seeds first and was not disappointed. The castor oil blend really helped fix the problem in just a week.

Ivanov Sergey Nikolaevich, 48 years old, Kaluga

After returning from vacation, he noticed a deterioration in health, and soon found worms in himself.Remembering the folk recipes for pumpkin seeds, I decided to try this natural remedy. After 10 days of consuming the seeds with garlic, the state of health returned to normal, and the tests showed that there were no more worms in the body.

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