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How and where to plant honeysuckle

How and where to plant honeysuckle

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Friends, the honeysuckle shrub is big? Where and how to plant it? At the fence? I have a bush “Gourmand” and “Nizhny Novgorod early”.


We have “Gourmand” - about 1.5 m high, about a meter wide, grows near the fence, in a sunny place.

Honeysuckle is certainly good to plant in August September. If the root is closed, then you can now. Maybe it depends on the area. The main thing when planting you need to lime the soil. Bashkiria

We have the size. Like a very large bush of currant. About 1, 3-1, 5 m high, and the same width. I do not know the varieties. And if the varieties are known, then you can see all the Old Info by dimension on the Internet

Tatyana, Do you like the variety? have I been a year since the bush? I plant for the first time and don’t know what kind of berry and “what to eat with” 7

I like the variety, the taste is like blueberries, the very first berry in the garden, you will already have it in June, the only minus is that part of the crop is crumbling, but you can spread the same non-fabric, we collect a liter from your bush, depending on how much it falls, you have 2 different varieties - there should be more, honeysuckle has cross-pollination.

Huge bushes, rapidly growing, were transplanted last May, when only the buds opened. There were a lot of berries. This year, rushing in all directions. One and a half and a half meters. The berry is the earliest. For food, compotes, you can freeze. There are varieties that show off very much, then the old sheet is laid. I won’t say anything about soil preparation - my land is good, I try not to spoil it. Kaluga.

That's great! spread a non-woven fabric, shook berries, after 3 days repeat. No need to collect

Yes, it only crumbles on the road) And thrushes flock to her from all over the area 🙂 Last year (I’ll write horror-horror), my husband even had to shoot one thrush to discourage others. I don’t know how it works, but after that they stopped flying to us. And then they ate the whole berry, we had no choice

It’s very tasty to grind it with sugar 🙂 well, aromatic, tasty) we used to have, two large bushes, were cut down by stupidity 🙂 now we are replanting, now we planted a new small bush, two more are growing, but still small

And if I don’t know what grade to be? In appearance, do not you understand?

The most delicious mashed with sugar, and the child can not come off in the freezer, only asks him in winter, tastier than black currant, it seems to us. I have 2 bushes. For the autumn planting, I order another 5 from the Ural gardens, they have new varieties, very large

Yes, in appearance only a specialist will probably say. Does it bear fruit?

I cut my honeysuckle, that's why it grows neatly in me, there really are a lot of berries, the children love it very much. Well, the bees there are completely buzzing while blooming. One bush, I also think to get more.

The garden is only a year old, that year it did not bloom and did not bear fruit, but in this year it picks up buds, so I don’t know if the berries will turn out or not

How many honeysuckle bushes do you have?

One, the neighbor really has, like 3 pieces

Most likely you will have berries pollinated by the neighbors. We also have 1 bush, there are always berries, I don’t know where pollination comes from, but there are berries!

I would really like berries, I will wait, thanks

Is it true that they need to be planted in pairs? I’ve already had one for 4 years and the “cat cried” berries

Is honeysuckle growing fast? Last year, in the fall, they planted. Wintered well. It is worth 30 centimeters.

Honeysuckle is also taiga, it is bitter (i.e., very bitter). She wouldn’t run into it. I know that it must be planted in the form of a triangle. Sun is the place.

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